Meet our Team

Our Clinical Research team is dedicated to helping improve health today and in the future.

According to the Government of Canada, clinical trials are essential scientific studies that evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and outcomes of health interventions such as vaccines and treatments used across Canada to protect Canadians from diseases. These trials can improve health outcomes for Canadians while ensuring Canada is well-positioned to respond to future pandemics and other health priorities. 

Clinical research is a top priority for our government with the Ministry of Health saying this in June:

“We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all Canadians by ensuring we have the best available treatments. The Clinical Trials Fund will strengthen Canada’s expertise in clinical research and enable researchers across the country to move their discoveries into clinical phases of development. This will ensure that Canada remains well positioned to respond to future pandemics or other health emergencies.”

At Winterberry we are committed to helping our patients live their best life and an important part of that is contributing our resources to clinical trials. This is why we have a dedicated Winterberry Clinical Research Team.

This month we caught up with Jorell Gantioqui and Jennifer Stevens, our Clinical Research Coordinators and asked them a few questions that will help our readers get to know this valuable team more:

What makes Winterberry special when it comes to helping with clinical trials?

With our resources, highly skilled health care team and diverse patient population, we are in the unique position of being able to participate, in a meaningful way, with major clinical trials. We enthusiastically participate in order to contribute to finding solutions that enhance quality of life while ensuring that these solutions are safe and effective.  

What is most rewarding about being part of our Clinical Research team?

Jennifer: Being a part of the future of medicine! We are helping to provide the necessary data for upcoming and new treatments and immunizations. 

Why would a patient participate in Clinical Research?

Jorell: Patients who are interested in participating do so for a variety of reasons but their primary interest is often that they want to be part of improving health outcomes not only for themselves, but for others. It’s important that our patients know that we  choose to participate only in quality studies that are as low risk, safe, and beneficial for the patients as possible. 

Once a patient signs up to participate in a Clinical Trial, what can they expect from Winterberry?

Jorell: Our research team is dedicated to ensuring each study participant is safe and feels supported throughout their time in a study. If they have questions or need any information, we’re all here to help. 

What would you say to a patient who was interested in participating?

Jorell: First, it’s important to always remember that research is a voluntary process. We do our best to hand pick studies, make sure patients know exactly what they are getting into and have great staff to guide them through the whole process. If you are willing and able, research always needs people in order to help people in the future. If they want more information on available studies, they can call our Research line at Winterberry: 365 366 6267.

What Clinical Trials is Winterberry participating in right now?

  • Diabetes studies
  • Covid-19, mRNA vaccine studies
  • Moderna RSV vaccine study

What interests you most about Clinical Research?

Jennifer: I’m impressed by how much work, time, and cost goes into it. Before joining the research team, I did not realize how much actually goes into clinical research studies. It is a very meticulous process and it takes time and dedication to be part of the research team.

To find out more about participating in a Clinical Trial please reach out to our team at 365 366 6267. Participants are often compensated for their time.