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At the heart of your Winterberry health care team are highly skilled, progressive and caring professionals with one goal: Helping you live your best life.

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Photo of Dr. Raza Dr. Shaarifa Raza Family Physician
Dr. Taras Semenchenko Family Physician
Photo of Dr. Richard Zizzo Dr. Richard Zizzo Family Physician
Photo of Dr. S. Zizzo Dr. Steven Zizzo Family & Obesity Physician, Medical Director
Adhin Clinical Research Coordinator
Aditi Clinical Research and Laboratory Assistant
Alex Registered Dietician
Image of Alexis, Administration Alexis Administration
Amandeep Clinical Research Assistant
Ashley R Administrator
Brittany Registered Practical Nurse
Image of Brittney, Administration Brittney Administration and Billing
Celina Clinical Research and Laboratory Assistant
Photo of Christine, Nurse Practitioner Christine Nurse Practitioner
Photo of Claudia, RPN Claudia Registered Practical Nurse
Photo of Courtney Dunlop Courtney Nurse Practitioner
Crystal T Nurse Practitioner
Danish Clinical Research Coordinator
Daryl Clinical Research Coordinator
Dawn Registered Practical Nurse
Dayna Registered Nurse
Deepal Clinical Research Coordinator
Dinisha Nurse Practitioner
Emily A Registered Nurse
Emily L Administrator
Image of Erin, RPN Erin Registered Practical Nurse, SCOPE Certified – World Obesity Federation, Clinical Trials Coordinator
Heather Registered Practical Nurse
Hely Clinical Research Assistant
Photo of Jennifer, RPN Jennifer S. Registered Practical Nurse, Patient Experience Coordinator, Clinical Trials Coordinator
Julie Administrative Supervisor
Photo of Kathleen, PA Kathleen Physician Assistant
Kelly Mental Health Counsellor
Photo of Krysta, Registered Nurse Krysta Clinical Manager, Registered Nurse, Certified bariatric Educator, Lactation Consultant, Clinical Trials Coordinator
Kylie Registered Practical Nurse
Photo of Leah, RPN Leah Registered Practical Nurse
Lindsay B Administration, Billing
Mae Clinical Research Assistant
Photo of Margarita Margarita Adult Nurse Practitioner, Specialty in Palliative Care
Photo of Marijana Marijana Nurse Practitioner
Image of Melissa, RPN Melissa L Registered Practical Nurse, Smoking Cessation Counsellor
Melissa S Nurse Practitioner
Monica Administrator
Munira Nurse Practitioner
Navpreeet Clinical Research Assistant
Praveena Administrator
Rachel Human Resources
Rebecca M Registered Practical Nurse
Photo of Rebecca, Administration Rebecca K. Administration and Billing
Rylee Mental Health Counsellor
Shannon Registered Practical Nurse
Tamara Administrator
Photo of Tammie Tammie Nurse Practitioner
Yasith Clinical Research Coordinator