Meet our Team

Meet Dr. Shaarifa Raza

As part of our commitment to helping our patients live their best life we believe it’s important that they get to know their health care team. This month we got together with Dr. Raza to find out her role at Winterberry and a few things that make her tick. We hope you enjoy our quick Q+A!

1. Dr. Raza, what is your role at Winterberry?

I am a Primary Care Physician at Winterberry Family Medicine. I am originally from the U.K. so if you hear a Brit in the corridor or at reception, that’s me! 

2. What was your inspiration to become a family physician?

There have been many inspirations over the years. My own family physician when I was a child would have been the first. He looked after myself and my family for many years and knew about our lives in such detail. Even at a young age I recognised what an honour that was. To be invited to witness the course of people’s lives and be present alongside their families; through all the milestones. It just felt like such an incredible opportunity and I couldn’t figure out what the catch was?!

3. What is the best part of your day?

I love the “chat” with my patients in between attending to their medical concerns. Whether it’s a quick catch up about their grandchildren as they leave the room or finding out how their holiday panned out. You hear some truly wonderful stories. It’s incredibly humbling when people chose to share parts of their life with me. 

4. What do you think makes Winterberry special? 

The team is just fantastic. We have so many allied health care professionals under one roof, working together seamlessly. Everyone works extremely hard to provide the best care for our patients. A strong team really is the foundation of primary care. 

5. When you’re not at Winterberry what do you like to do? (Hobbies, sports, etc) 

When I’m not at work you will probably find me in the kitchen attempting to live out my dreams of being a pastry chef or baker extraordinaire. In another life I would be living in Paris, baking and then consuming croissants all day. It’s probably better I stick to family medicine..!