Meet our Team

Meet Kelly. Mental Health Counsellor.

Everyone experiences periods of positive and negative mental health throughout the duration of their life. Some people live with mental health conditions like anxiety and mood disorders and experience periods of wellness and periods of poor mental health. Other individuals may not be living with a mental health condition, but can still experience periods of wellness mixed with periods of mental wellness.

This month we caught up with Kelly, one of our skilled and caring Mental Health Counsellors and asked her a few questions to help our patients and community members understand her role and how we’re here to help.

QUESTION: How does Winterberry help and support adult patient’s mental health?

KELLY: The adult population holds the majority of individuals we see at Winterberry. By utilizing a person-centred approach, the mental health counsellors seek to meet the clients where they are at in their mental health journey, and provide compassion and empathy for their concerns. Interventions can be used to address mental health concerns, but the power of providing a safe space where the client feels truly heard goes a long way. With the wrap around support of the medical staff at Winterberry, treatment plans can be tailored to each individuals needs and they can receive a number of different supports that help with mental health. If outside referrals are needed, the team works together to expedite this.

QUESTION: How does an adult know when to book an appointment based on concerns around mental health? Can you share some warning signs that additional support is needed?

KELLY: If people are feeling overwhelmed by their daily lives, this can be a good reason to reach out for mental health counselling. If individuals are experiencing anxiety, workplace stress, depression, or not enjoying things they usually enjoy, it can be a sign that your mental health is slipping. Mental health counselling can also be a great preventative measure for decreased mental wellness. Goal setting and unpacking difficult things with a professional can be very powerful, and help give adults the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges on their own.

If you or someone you love needs mental health help, please reach out to us at Winterberry.