Meet our Team

Meet the Winterberry Research Team

At Winterberry we are committed to improving long term health outcomes through active participation in approved medical research. In fact, we have one of the largest Research Teams in the country working with our team, our patients and the community to help make research at Winterberry happen.

We caught up with a few members of the Research Team for a quick Q+A. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

How large is the Research Team at Winterberry?

Winterberry has one of the largest dedicated Research Team’s in Canada. Currently we are proud to have 21 team members. 

What kind of research projects is the team working on right now? 
We are currently working on three studies – Vaccination, Weight Management and a Probiotic for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Can you give us any additional in depth information? 

The TRIUMPH study is a clinical trial looking at the use of a new medication for treating knee
pain in patients who are overweight and have osteoarthritis. The EPSILON trial is looking at the use of a medication to manage depression and/or anxiety in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Is there something you’d like our patients and the community to know about the Research Team?

The main thing that we would like patients to know is that at Winterberry Family Medicine our
primary concern before anything else is patient safety. Our Research Team’s foremost goal is to ensure that a participant’s experience in our trials is as simple and risk-free as possible. When patients choose to participate in one of our trials, they will be followed closely by our excellent team who is always happy to address any concerns or questions.

As a way of introduction, please share your professional credentials with us and tell us a little about what makes you excited to be working on the Research Team at Winterberry. 

Ramlah: BSc., MSc., PhD., CCRP
Ramlah’s Why: The best part of being part of the Research team is knowing that we are investigating solutions to medical problems so that we can come up with recommendations to advance medicine and public health. It is said that when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. At Winterberry Family I get to do what I love; which is working towards improving the health and quality of life of people in a thriving, collaborative, and supportive environment. Being a Clinical Researcher at Winterberry Family Medicine is more than just a Job, it’s a dream come true! 

Muna: MSc. (EpiBio)
Muna’s Why: The best part of being part of the Research team is knowing that we are investigating solutions to medical problems so that we can come up with recommendations to advance medicine and public health.

Mae: HBSc, PGC.
Mae’s Why: I recently just started working at Winterberry and reading all the protocols for the clinical studies is already making me excited about what is to come. Getting to know the team has been fun the past couple of weeks!

Shradha: PhD in Clinical Biochemistry, with clinical research experience in infectious diseases.
Shradha’s Why: Being a passionate researcher, the thing that excites me most is the fact that there is always an opportunity to explore and there is always something new to learn. Working with a team of skilled and diverse individuals is highly motivating. 

Amandeep: Bachelors in Dental Surgery, Post graduate diploma in Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory affairs
Amandeep’s Why: The best part of being a member of the Winterberry research team is that it allows me to directly contribute to the development of new drugs or therapies that will improve patient lives and make a meaningful difference in healthcare. The workplace environment is great as it fosters a culture of support, collaboration, open communication and inclusivity. It creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere where I feel comfortable and motivated to contribute my best.

Daryl Solomon: BS in Nursing
Daryl’s Why: Being part of a study that aims to improve and provide better health is important to me.  As well, the work I am doing is helping me achieve professional and career growth as I gain more experience and understanding about research. 

Marina: Medical lab technician – phlebotomy – MLPAO

Marina’s Why: It is very powerful and motivating to be part of a dynamic research team focused on clinical trials for upcoming medications. I am proud to be contributing to this important field. As for being a part of the Winterberry team, it is such a great team, dedicated, helpful and supportive. 

Celina: Diploma in Biotechnology and Medical Lab Technician – MLPAO
Celina’s Why: The best part about being a part of the Research Team at Winterberry for me is being able to see what goes on behind the scenes during trials. I like learning new things and being involved in projects, so I am always excited to see what else the day can bring. I also love how relaxed the environment is, you can work at your own pace.

Nav: Biomedical sciences, PgC in Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Nav’s Why: Working in research at Winterberry is an amazing opportunity to work on site, learning new analytical skills. One can learn problem solving techniques. Winterberry runs multiple studies, learning time management and expands one’s knowledge which is quite helpful in my research career. 

Aditi: in Microbiology, in Microbiology, MLPAO(OSMT).
Aditi’s Why: What gets me out of bed each day is the opportunity to work with a talented team and diverse individuals. I love being a part of a team, and it is rewarding to see everyone excited about a job well done. I enjoy listening to the perspectives of others and learning how they may approach a particular study. So, a Clinical Research Assistant is the perfect career for me. I enjoy a balance of communicating with clients and coworkers every day and each day presents challenges. This allows me to work on a variety of different studies with various individuals, helping me learn new things every day.

Deepal: MPharm
Deepal’s Why: The best part of being part of the Research Team at Winterberry is the diversity, teamwork, and open communication. I’m excited about working with a
team of talented and diverse individuals to contribute and become part of everyday research. 

Adhin: M.S., PharmD.
Adhin’s Why: Advancing clinical knowledge, improving patient care and outcomes, continuous professional growth and learning opportunities. Making a positive impact on public health through research findings.
 Danish: Pharm-D degree and an Advance Diploma in Clinical Research
Danish’s Why: Contributing to scientific knowledge and medical advancement, collaborating with talented individuals and making a healthy working environment, engaging in innovative and challenging work, continuous learning and professional development as well as potential for career advancement and specialization

Namesha: BSc in Biotechnology 
Namesha’s Why: I have always wanted to work in a research field, Winterberry gave me an amazing opportunity to fulfill my career goals, something that pushes me out of bed every morning is that I know I am
helping people. Knowing that I am contributing to their better health and happiness keeps me happy and motivated. 

Hely: PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy), CCRP
Hely’s Why: I am glad to be a part of the Research Team at Winterberry. The whole team
is very friendly, which helps increase productivity for all of us. The seniors from our team are
very good at giving us feedback and helping us generously while sharing good ideas and suggestions. We all work towards common goals which makes it easier for the whole team to work and be successful as a group. 

Yasith: BHSc (Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)
Yasith’s Why: The best part of being a member of the Research team is knowing that I am helping make a difference in patient lives. By assisting in clinical trials, I am able to help patients access potentially beneficial novel treatments that otherwise would not be available to them. Another positive of the Research team is the fantastic work atmosphere that our team has created. Everyone is extremely helpful and accommodating, brightening up even my worst days.