Meet our Team

Meet Heather. A Winterberry Registered Practical Nurse.

Heather, what is your role with Winterberry?

I am a registered Practical Nurse (RPN) with extensive experience in Stroke/Neuro, Post orthopedic surgery, as well as special needs individuals. I have also joined the Research Team here at Winterberry which is an exciting expansion to my role! 

What is the best part of being an RPN?

I love supporting those in need; as a health care provider, we see people on the best and worst days. We get to walk alongside people and help them face the challenges ahead which is an honor.

Was there a special motivation to become an RPN?

I went back to school later in life; so, I knew this was my choice for life. I had always wanted to be a nurse, finally had the courage to go for it; and I could not be happier!

What does an average day look like for you at Winterberry?

I normally arrive early, with a full mug of coffee and ready to start my day! I can honestly say that my days are never the same for me; which keeps me on my toes!

RPNs are a vital part of our team, please share any special moments from Winterberry that made you know that you’re making a positive difference in our patient’s lives? 

I have had the opportunity to see couples achieve their dreams of having a baby, I have assisted families ensure their loved ones are receiving the care they need as they age, as well as ensure preventative care is in place as patients move through various stages of growth. 

One of my favorite memories recently was seeing a young mother with her new baby in office. I had started the journey with her at her first prenatal. She was fearful of the future and here was this young woman in front of me just thriving and beaming at her child. It was a pretty beautiful moment!

When you’re not at work, what are your hobbies and special interests? 

I have a love for gardening, veggies and flowers! I am no green thumb, but I am learning. I have also a ton of house plants I have managed to nurture. I play piano player; I love to sing, be outside and I am a proud fur momma! I am just a happy little hippy truthfully!