Meet our Team

Krysta, RN takes on important new role at Winterberry.

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Krysta one of our key team members, is taking on new responsibilities at the clinic so we caught up with her to ask a few questions: 

Krysta, can you share with us your new job title?

Operations Manager

What type of work will you be doing in this role?

As the Clinic has grown significantly over the last year or two, it is important to create branches of our clinic.  As we now have a new Clinical Manager, a research manager, administrative supervisor and a human resources manager, it will be my responsibility to oversee all operations.  Each department has their own key roles, to which I will provide support.

What is the importance of this work within the clinic?

It is important that we place key players in all area of our clinic where they can specialize and excel.  Being able to offer support to each leader makes our clinic run smoother and more efficient.

Will patients benefit from your work in this role? If yes, please let us know how. 

Patients can expect to see many changes coming in the near future – all of which are because they are being heard by the appropriate person, and together we work toward change.  Having specialized focus areas is something we are familiar with in health care, so applying it to an internal work flow will result in direct benefits to our patients.

The newest change we are going to see very soon is a new online booking system.  Our patients (and staff) have found our current system inefficient for the model of care we provide.  We heard our patients and we have been working to implement this change for months now.  I am excited to say we should have this new system up and running by mid-February!