Meet our Team

Meet Rachel. Our new HR Manager!

Each month we get together with one of our Winterberry team members for a quick Q+A so our patients and community can get to know us all a little better! This month we caught up with Rachel, Human Resources (HR) Manager as she has recently been promoted to a new role in the clinic.

Congratulations on your new role Rachel! Can you share with us your new job title?

My new job title is Human Resources Manager.

What is your background? 

I originally completed my degree in Business Management, then went to work for a large childcare organization after school, where I slowly moved from an accounting role into an HR role. While I worked there, I completed my Human Resources diploma online and once I completed that, I fully moved into HR and payroll role there.

What made you want to be part of the Winterberry team?

What appealed to me most was that I was going to be Winterberry’s first HR team member. Being able to create HR processes and implement them has been a very rewarding experience. Since joining the team, I’ve never looked back. The people I work with are amazing and so supportive.

What type of work will you be doing in your new role?

Part of moving into a managerial role, I’ll be more actively engaged with our team members to ensure our culture is aligned with our mission and vision, and values.

What is the importance of this work within the clinic?

Winterberry is one of the most recognized clinics in the area and we want to maintain our reputation of excellence. Ensuring we have the best members on our team, will help uphold that reputation.

Will patients benefit from your work in this role? If yes, please let us know how. 

Our patients will indirectly benefit from the work done in my new role. Ensuring our team members are confident and supported in what they do, will show during their appointments with patients. It’s part of my job to ensure our team members are able to provide the best possible care to our patients.

What is your favourite part of being the HR Manager?

Knowing that people feel comfortable coming to me with any concerns or goals they may have and being able to work through them together.

When you’re not improving patient and team lives at Winterberry what will we find you doing?

I will either be out walking my 2 fur babies (Bernedoodle – Ella and Rottweiler – Lola), checking out new coffee shops or wineries, or going to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market on the weekend!