Moving Medicine Forward: Dr. Steven Zizzo

Being a physician is about more than just treating patients; as carers and active members of the medical community I believe that we should continue to improve on existing practices, rather than just accepting the status quo. A family physician of more than eleven years, I have committed myself to changing the way we approach primary care in Ontario through the use of best-evidence, team-based care and technology.

As the medical director of Winterberry Family Medicine, I put my passion into practice everyday. A modern, multidisciplinary clinic, our approach moves away from the traditional primary care model, relying on a dedicated team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and registered nurses to provide a range of medical services at any time. At Winterberry, we aim to provide the appropriate access to the appropriate healthcare provider using the appropriate tools. The Winterberry model, when coupled with the adoption of new healthcare technologies such as telemedicine, is providing our patients with more timely access and better overall care.

Improving approaches to primary care is not the only cause I champion. My work at Winterberry has also brought me into direct contact with many patients suffering from obesity and its affiliated diseases. Now classified by WHO as a chronic disease, obesity has been attributed to one in 10 premature deaths amongst Canadian adults aged 20 to 64, and our generation is the first in history expected to suffer a shorter and reduced quality of life in comparison to their parents.

As a physician, I find this deeply concerning; as a father, downright alarming. Healthcare providers and society alike must stop stigmatization and begin to not only recognize and treat the symptoms of obesity, but also work on prevention. Through my own practice, I have developed a strong belief that the best approach to combating this epidemic is prevention, and I work tirelessly with both new and existing patients to stop this disease dead in its tracks.

 I look to lead the charge in both team-based care and obesity. Through my work, which you can follow through my LinkedIn, I aim to shift our perspectives on care and disease management to create better pathways for our loved ones and children.

Physician, Husband, Father